Kinks ‘n Drinks

Kinks ‘N Drinks

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Event Location:
Wicked Bloom
1540 North Capitol Street Northwest

About The Event:

Calling all vampires, witches, geeks and freaks…
Daddiez, littles, pups and kitties…
It’s time to come out and play
What’s fall without a costume pahtay!

Pull out your good wig or bowtie with matching shoes
And come get drenched in eros,
Cure them vanilla blues.

A black, trans & queer, masquerade, day party, with a kinky twist.

Hosted by Candace Liger
Music by DJ MIM
Poetry by MsNightlyfe
Kink Demos by Madamme Seduction

Best mask
Best dressed D/s
Best villain
Best vixen
Cutest Collar

Your entry fee includes a raffle ticket for a chance to win a special gift sponsored by Hart’s Desires.

Nervous? Curious, but don’t want to come alone? No worries, find one of our PlayPals for a laugh, drink, or good conversation.

Da Hot Box!
Ever wanted to whisper sweet nothings but couldn’t find the words? Da Hot Box, love notes, give you a way to anonymously say “damn you foine!” Participation is optional.

Fo’ Yo Body AftaPahtay a beginner friendly, interactive, trans & queer, play party hosted by Madamme Seduction and Afrodgak. Erotic games, food, bourlesque, play time. Alcohol is limited to what we pprovide. Limited space available.

The Qink Conversation has zero room for fuckshyt. Leave your woes and brang the heauxs because this is a judgement and shame free zone.

Any questions email us at

2018-10-20 15:00

Click here for tickets.

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