A Night In Paris

A night in Paris

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Event Location:
The Gryphon
1337 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

About The Event:

K-Mystery Production LLC
You are cordially invited to attend D-DAY. A Birthday Celebration for El Dandito (Co-founder of DC’s Nightlife Powerhouse K-Mystery Production) 

K-Mystery Productionis always on the forefront of bringing you the best parties, at the hottest venues in DC. We treat every one of our gatherings as if it was the only one that year. We have had such a great time with everyone who comes out to hang with us and are so appreciative of their support. It’s been an amazing trip up to this point and it’s only going to get better…That’s why We are so excited to celebrate our Birthdays with every single one of you. First, we are having a pre game @ a TBA location at 9 PM, then…It’s going to be the most international party DC has ever seen. We are throwing down the Red Carpet at Gryphon, where we celebrate everyone’s origin! When you get a table, we come out waving your country’s flag. Letting everyone in the place know where the true ballers are born. Join us for the party, help us celebrate another year of this amazing life and most importantly, join us for the champagne toast at midnight!

2018-09-28 22:00

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