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“ I didn’t dream about being a singer. I just was a singer.” – Res

Vocalist Res (pronounced “Reese”) grew up listening to a broad spectrum of music; R&B and Soul, Psychedelic Rock and Folk in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Those early influences encouraged the development of her own distinct style, a sound that has consistently defied categorization and courageously refuses the constraints of fleeting trends. “Genre blending is where music is right now.” Res notes. “That’s what I do but, in a Rock ‘n’ Roll way. I will stick to this style until people catch back up with me.”

Res has worked with an impressive roster of award-winning artists including Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Musiq Soulchild, John Mayer, and Alanis Morissette among others. Her debut album, How I Do, released in 2001, sold over 300,000 copies and offered an edgy rock-soul alternative to the neo-soul wave that dominated the era. How I Do represents a defining moment in music in which underdogs were celebrated, artificial celebrity was mocked and artists who boldly rebelled against conformity were embraced.

Everyone can relate to heartbreak, the angst of being an outsider, the ecstatic pleasure of standing confidently in your otherness. The lyrical prose and lush compositions featured in hit singles like They Say, Vision or Golden Boys stand as timeless standards from a prolific catalog of relatable and vulnerable classics. Res’ songs are rally cries and triumphant anthems that declare see me, take me as I am or leave me alone to be great despite you.

Over a decade after the release of her debut album Res’ music maintains all the beauty and earnestness that initially captured the adoration of fans around the world. Don’t call it a comeback. Res never stopped making music. This is a reintroduction to a brilliant artist who has been quietly mastering her craft. During a forthcoming cross-country tour Res will showcase definitive hits, unreleased recordings, and new bangers with the same integrity, lyrical dexterity and feel good arrangements that solidified her stardom. You have to respect an artist who has committed her life to making real music at all costs.

2019-05-25 19:30

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