Ritual Talk


Songbyrd Presents
Ritual Talk and Makeup Girl
with Lake Alden
Sunday May 26, 2019
D: 7:00 // S: 8:00 PM

Our favorite band, Makeup Girl, brings their Brooklyn pals down for what will surely be a great night of fun before Memorial Day!

Makeup Girl:

Makeup Girl was founded over 10 years ago when single father and musician Bryce Watson adopted three orphans from a DC orphanage. Over the last few years he has worked tirelessly; teaching them the secrets to unlocking the groove. With Johnny Leander on guitar, Caleb Schiebel on drums, Brody Steck on vocals and guitar, and Bryce on bass, the band is now at full power.

Drawing from the likes of Stevie Wonder, the Strokes, Funkadelic, and the Arctic Monkeys, Makeup Girl’s sound can be described as an explosive combination of pop rock and other genres including jazz, R&B, latin, and funk. Drummer Caleb Schiebel tirelessly pushes his set to the height of its capabilities, pumping out tight rhythms that allow guitar lines and melodies to run wild. Audiences should expect an engaging live show, ranging from energizing rock songs to dreamy jazz inspired numbers. Makeup Girl songs are filled with surprises as the band flows from groove to groove, seamlessly switching tempo and time signatures as the songs progress.

Look out for future releases this spring and summer and check out their last EP, “In Time” out now on all streaming platforms.

Ritual Talk:

Ritual Talk is a Brooklyn-based trio making psychedelic indie rock with a hint of soul. Each song is imbued with their unmistakable blend of lush instrumentation and exploratory vocal arrangements, forming a cohesive yet diverse body of work. Led by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Alex DeSimine and joined by drummer Tom Criblez and fellow multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gleit, each member of the band uses every limb they have to create a soundscape that transcends their three-person appearance.

Last year we went on a self-booked 6.5-week national tour across the US and back, along with releasing a single in February and our debut LP in November, with songs featured on Spotify’s All New Indie and The Wild Honey Pie’s Best 100 Songs of 2019. This year we’re going on another full national run and a few regional runs (We’ll actually be in Burlington, VT a few weeks before WW Winooski) and will be releasing multiple singles later this year.

Their debut LP “Plans” comes at the end of a long journey from five people to three. The lineup change became the catalyst for a multitude of internal upgrades: within six months, the trio had booked their own 45-day, 30-show tour and self-recorded and mixed their first full-length record. Day one of tour was a packed house at NYC staple Mercury Lounge and the release of the album’s first single, “Something To Look Forward To.” As Ritual Talk’s first national tour made its way across the country, singles from the record began.

Lake Alden:

Based out of Fredricksburg VA, Lake Alden specializes in making any crowd go wild. With catchy guitar lines weaving in and out over a tight rhythm section, they create bouncy indie rock songs reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys. Since starting the band in 2015, members Cameron Gray (lead guitar), Jake Hodges (drums), David Forrest (lead singer and guitarist), and Ben Hodges (bass) have been at the forefront of the Fredricksburg music scene and have attracted larger audiences then anyone would expect from the small town. Check out their music on all streaming platforms.