A Full Moon Party Ft. Opal


Songbyrd and 8th House Productions Present
A Full Moon Party ft.
Saturday May 18, 2019
D: 7:00 // S: 7:00 / 8:30 PM

Full Moon Ceremony 7pm

A new moon ceremony will be held in the café/record store space and will include a mediation/grounding exercise, group tarot draw, and brief individual interpretation by a tarot reader.Opal will lead an intention setting and seed planting exercise before sealing off the ceremony with a closing grounding exercise.

Light Refreshments: Bitters and CBD infused tinctures & chocolates

Concert- 9pm

The downstairs space will be transformed into an extraterrestrial botanical garden where artist takes the audience on an interplanetary excursion through her journey to becoming an artist.Opal weaves personal storytelling between her set to give life and context to her artistry.Along the way Opal will stop along “planets anxiety, self-doubt etc.…” to share her personal journey of mental and emotional healing.


Opal opens the inaugural show for the S E N S O R S H I P, a concert series joining visual artists, musicians and healers together to create artist led and curated events and concerts, which seek to heal and to engage audiences through the tantalization of the senses.

Artist Bio

Opal Dillard is an artist, fashion designer, musician, songwriter, and producer.Her dynamic sounds blends electro soul and pop in a way that can only be described as futuristic. Her music has been featured in many places including the HBO television show “Insecure,” and the Netflix movie “The Afterparty.”