Kari Faux: “help Wanted” Tour


Songbyrd Presents
Kari Faux with Stephn
Monday May 27, 2019
D: 7:00 // S: 8:00 PM

Kari Faux wasn’t always this introspective. The Arkansas native’s popularity grew immensely back in 2014 when she released the girl-bossy single “No Small Talk”; the song even made its way to the soundtrack for Issa Rae’s hit television series “Insecure” after being remixed by Childish Gambino. But a year after the release of her PRIMARY EP, the rapper and singer takes a more intimate approach. For Kari, CRY 4 HELP is about confronting trauma and healing, rather than an outlet for upbeat, braggadocious anthems.

The EP’s lead single, “Leave Me Alone,” explores Kari’s lust for isolation coupled with a disdain for people who simply want to waste her time. Over production that draws inspiration from 1970’s soul, she shows us a new side of herself. While “No Small Talk” was a bold declaration of confidence filled with cell-phone chirps and 808s, Kari now uses live drums and hazy synths working together to carry her alto croons. “Thinking ‘Damn man, where are my friends?’ I guess that love is just for pretend,” she resounds. Though she yearns to be alone, the need for simple human companionship is equally as present.

Kari remains just as unguarded on “Medicated,” a woozy song built on a slow, heavy drumbeat. The song’s hook spells out her intense highs and emotional lows—“Here we go again/She’s rollercoasterin,” she sings. Her voice lags behind the beat, giving a playful wink to the opening line, “I don’t wanna be medicated.” She quickly follows up in the second verse with the idea that drinking away the pain may be much more her speed, though it doesn’t help with sustaining the life she’s trying to lead.

DMV artist Stephn kick-started his music career in 2018, working on his first project “Time Before Us”. Released first as a visual project paired with an EP, he managed to weave together fashion, creative direction, and music to create pure forms of self-expression. His energy did not go unnoticed. After quickly selling out his EP release party, he then performed at AMFest Music Festival and a Smithsonian Institute.