Classic Wednesdays

Plz Fwd: SAVE THE DATE…WED SEPT 4TH…Carl Harper’s Birthday Kick-Off Party @ SoBe Restaurant & Lounge… during “Classic Wednesdays” & Dj Quicksilver

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Event Location:
SoBe Restaurant and Lounge
10621 Greenbelt Road

About The Event:

                            CARL HARPER’S BIRTHDAY KICK-OFF PARTY

                                   Something Cool, Something Slick…

                                DRINKS & FOOD SPECIALS from 4-7pm


                        SAVE THE DATE…Wed Sept 4th | 4pm to Midnite



                          SoBe Restaurant & Lounge

                                              10621 Greenbelt Rd

                                                     Lanham, Md

                                                (5 min from NASA)

                            For Dinner/Table Reservations or if you are

                     Celebrating a Birthday or Other Special Occasion???

                            Call 301.232.3335 to discuss having a FREE

                          event with all of your friends, co-workers etc.

                                        Classic Wednesday Attire:

                                 Something Cool, Something Slick!

                                                 (jeans are ok)

2019-09-04 16:00

Click here for tickets.

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