Elk 10 (the Sovereign)-the End Of An Era

ELK 10 (The Sovereign)-The End of an ERA

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Event Location:
Living Room DC
1008 Vermont Avenue Northwest

About The Event:

On Sunday, May 19, Everybody Loves Kris (ELK) ends an era of epic vibes with ELK 10: The Sovereign. 

The Sovereign signifies the type of event ELK proved to be each year. It all started in 2010 when Majestic decided to throw a birthday party for 100 guests. Since then, ELK has grown into a staple Spring event in Washington, DC. 

Over the last decade, ELK has presented multiple themes, but one thing remained constant each year – the formula. You know what they say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Each year, a central DJ cast [with the occasional guest DJ] sets the tone for a core crowd that continues to grow.

So, let’s come together a final time to leave ELK’s stamp on the city! Rest assured, the end of this era will be the beginning of a new one. Stay tuned for information about what’s next.

2019-05-19 16:00

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