Axtell Duo | The Trilogy Tour | An Urban Soul Folk Event

Axtell Duo | The Trilogy Tour | An Urban Soul Folk Event

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Event Location:
Hotel RL Washington DC
1823 L Street Northwest

About The Event:

Axtell Duo | The Trilogy Tour | An Urban Soul Folk Event

Julian Hernandez, a young soloist from Argentina and Kat Axtell, a biology student from Minnesota, were singing on the patio of a tiny hotel in Argentina when the owner walked by and heard them. Immediately he asked them to play at his bar that night, and that was their first public performance together. The audience responded so well that they began to write and perform together in the capital Buenos Aires, forming the bilingual urban folk/soul duet “Axtell.” Starting out in the city subways as their first rehearsals, they began performing in venues all over Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States. 

Axtell’s sound blends genres from both members’ backgrounds: US Pop and R&B with Argentine Folk. Despite being just two onstage, the pair produces an energetic live show with guitar and ukulele, as well as the less familiar charango (Andean lute), and bombo legüero (“drum that can be heard a league away”). Despite skilled instrumentation, they don’t distract from the duet’s best feature: memorable melodies with captivating harmonies.

They recorded their first two EPs, No More Monkey Business (2016) and Traveler (2017) with Buenos Aires producer Martin Eduardo and began touring cities all over the US and Argentina.  In July, 2018 They released their 3rd EP And Now completing the three-disc project The Trilogy. They’re currently on a three-part 14-month tour of the United States called The Trilogy Tour.





2018-10-31 18:00

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