Hernan Cattaneo – Rosenberg – Munite Anniversary

Thursday, May 23rd •
Bar opens 8PM, Green Room 9PM, Club 10PM.

Munite Four Year Anniversary Fundraiser

Advance Tickets on sale Friday, March 1st (3/01) @ noon.
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The name Hernan Cattaneo is synonymous with the Argentinian house movement. Known globally simply as “El Maestro”, his legendary DJ sets and productions alike are filled with elation and excitement. The Sudbeat label head has been causing mayhem on dance floors for over three decades, becoming an icon to many. A pioneer in bringing the unknown sounds of Chicago and Detroit to Buenos Aires, although Cattaneo gained support from major international players like John Digweed and Sasha in the early 2000’s, he has since carved his own path in music. On this occasion, Hernan plays open-to-close.

Hernan Cattaneo (Buenos Aires)

Rosenberg (DC)

Green Room:

Felipe Callado (Brazil/France)

Simon M (NYC)

Sabeel Chohan (DC)


For some DJs, music is more than just their passion or occupation – it’s the reason for their existence, the thing that keeps their world turning. Hernan Cattaneo is that special breed. Across his three decade journey through music, the legendary South American DJ has lived his life through the music that inspires him; inspiring thousands of electronic music lovers across the globe in the process.

Blessed with a deeply ingrained knowledge of house music and its many electronic roots, Hernan’s own DJ journey can be traced back to the mid-80s in Buenos Aires. Fascinated by pioneering synth-pop and post-punk bands like Depeche Mode and New Order, Cattaneo soon became consumed by imported 12”s from the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Derrick May and Inner City. Before long, the young music lover’s instinctive desire to DJ and share this new found love of Chicago and Detroit based sounds had lead him to his first – and now legendary – residency at Buenos Aires Clubland, where he earned the respect and friendship of legendary DJs like John Digweed, Sasha, and Paul Oakenfold.

As a respected label owner and producer, Cattaneo’s creative output remains as plentiful as ever. In just two years, his Sudbeat label has risen up as a leading light in melodic electronic music – regularly releasing material from names like Guy J, Henry Saiz, Nick Warren and Danny Howells. Hernan’s own tracks have provided other highlights in the label’s growing discography, with the Argentinean electronic music ambassador currently working on many studio projects.

Sharing these sounds – and those that inspire him – is at the heart of Hernan’s musical mission and is something he achieves through his relentless touring schedule. A resident at the UK’s longest running weekly event The Gallery at London’s Ministry of Sound, Hernan’s DJ passport is stamped with the most respected dance events on the planet. From Serbia’s Exit to Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival, Spain’s Monegros to Holland’s Dance Valley, Burning Man, and just about every major dance event has been graced by Hernan’s expertly weaved DJ journeys.


It is hard to think of an aspect of electronic music that Felipe Callado has not been involved with great success. His unique ability both as an artist and businessman led Felipe to surpass almost every frontier, with his projects being internationally awarded and with shows in the most diverse corners of the world. Felipe’s musical career began in 2007. Always averse to musical labels he quickly
defined himself as a singular artist. His personality and talent quickly led him to conquer not only the public, but to catch the attention of those who have always influenced him. It was early in his career that Argentine DJ Ricky Ryan, one of South America’s greatest
exponents at the time, quoted him in House Mag magazine as “a rising star” and “his favorite Brazilian DJ.” Since then, Felipe had already become a required name, and led him to play in some of the most important venues in his homeland, Brazil such as the
Warung Beach Club, Clash, P12 among many others, in South America, North America and Europe, as legendary Bahrain and Sobremonte in Argentina, Bizarro in Peru, La Kasa in Colombia and the much-disputed Intimate & Underground in Toronto / Canada.
Felipe Callado’s contribution to the electronic music scene goes far beyond the music. He is the founder of Gigloop, a marketplace that revolutionizing the electronic music market and It has been awarded two important international awards: Innovation of the Year at IMS Ibiza, the most important award in the electronic music industry, and the French Tech Ticket awarded by the French Government to international startups.

Felipe also got great prominence also with his stamps Stigma Records and Exzellenz Records, recorders that counted on the support of numerous artists, including Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, Luciano and Maya Jane Coles.