Embassy Slovenia Concert

Embassy Slovenia Concert & Slovenian Wine Reception with Vlado KRESLIN from Slovenia

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Event Location:
Embassy of Slovenia
2410 California Street Northwest

About The Event:

The International Club of DC, with the cooperation of the Embassy of Slovenia, cordially request the pleasure of your company for a concert and an enchanting evening of Slovenian music, culture and wine featuring welcome remarks by the Ambassador of Slovenia, H.E. Ambassador Stanislav Vidovic. 

Vlado Kreslin is one of the most influential Slovenian musicians, whose distinctive style of music combines elements of folk, pop and rock. He started his career as a lead singer of Martin Krpan, but made an even greater impact for himself as a solo artist, focusing much more on his Prekmurje region roots. His great ability to combine different music genres is complemented by his exquisite selections of guest performers to join him for his concerts.  

“Vlado Kreslin is Slovenian ‘Bob Dylan’. He is immmensely popular in Slovenia. His songs have been used as the basis for novels and films. Scott McCaughey (R.E.M.) introduced me to his music, having discovered Kreslin’s music when he opened for R.E.M. this past summer in Slovenia.” – Chris Eckman of The Walkabouts who have recorded their own version of Vlado’s song Tista crna kitara (That Black Guitar) on their album The Train Leaves At Eight. 

“Kreslin is something of a national institution in Slovenia, a singer and songwriter who is also responsible for a reawakening of interest in older traditional ballads and songs. It seems his place in Slovenian culture is an amalgam of Christy Moore, John Williamson and Jacques Brel.” – The Camberra Times, Tuesday, February 17, 1998, Graham McDonald 

More info on: http://www.kreslin.com/ 

Kindly note that the event is presented as a concert followed by wine reception and not a dinner event so please plan to have dinner before or after the event. The event is presented for you to meet the artist, walk around the embassy, meet ICDC members, as well as embassy staff during the wine reception, as you discover and learn about Slovenia. Please note that space at the Embassy of Slovenia is limited and we expect this event to sell out in advance. Reserve your tickets soon before we are sold out! 

* Please note that the Ambassador of Slovenia is expected to be present to welcome you to the embassy. Due to the nature of official diplomatic duties, the Ambassador’s schedule is subject to change without notice. In the event the Ambassador is called away due to diplomatic duties, the Deputy Chief of Mission or other high ranking official from the Embassy will welcome you to the embassy.

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