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District Karaoke Summer Karaoke League – Summer 2019

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Various Locations


About The Event:

Register for the District of Columbia’s only social, team-based karaoke league!

District Karaoke is a social, team-based competitive karaoke league. It’s team-based, meaning you perform with friends and cheer each other on. It’s social because you get to meet tons of other like-minded, supportive singers. And the competition? Everyone votes for their favorite performances using their smartphone.

The basics: Each division has six teams and teams compete in three rounds each week for FIVE weeks. The first two rounds consist of solo performances, and the third round is for group performances. Each division meets at the same time each week at the same bar. 

The teams: Throughout the season, you’ll perform on the same four-person team. Already have your team together? Cool! You can form a team together. No team yet? Great! You can sign up as a free agent, and we’ll find a team for you. Before the season begins, you’ll receive information about your team and how to join the fun! If your team is small, we will combine your team with another small team or add free agents to your team. Since space is limited, teams are filled first come, first serve. 

Three nights to choose from:


Tuesdays @ Crown & Crow (14th Street/Logan Circle

Wednesdays @ Sticky Rice (H Street) Thursdays @ Ten Tigers (Columbia Heights)
Pre-Season Social Tues., June 5 @ Hard Rock Cafe
Tues., June 5 @ Hard Rock Cafe
Tues., June 5 @ Hard Rock Cafe
Week 1 Tues., June 11 Wed., June 12 Thurs., June 13
Week 2 Tues., June 18 Wed., June 19 Thurs., June 20
Week 3 Tues., June 25 Wed., June 26 Thurs., June 27
Week 4 Tues., July 9 Wed., July 10 Thurs., July 11
Week 5 Tues., July 16 Wed., July 17 Thurs., July 18


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