Boo’d Up Brunch

BOO’d Up Brunch & Costume Bash

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Event Location:
Crisp Kitchen + Bar
1837 1st Street Northwest

About The Event:

Tired of the lazy bones?

Ready to writhe and moan? 

Is you a sexy zaddy dandy?

Is you looking for eye candy? 

Then come to Black Femme Brunch and get Boo’d Up

Be ready to toast cuz we got the bottomless dranks brewed up

Is your witchy ass ready to be pumpin’ her pumpkin? 

Is you a femme tryna get them hip bones thumpin’?

Got an appetite like a zombie ready to eat some good brain?

Is you tryna run a consensual, sensual midnight train? 

Hello bois and ghouls

Follow these simple rules

Come to the function

In your Halloween drag

Make these bitches

Sicken and gag 

And let a femme put they hand 

In ya goodie bag 

Welcome to Black Femme Brunch a curated space that is built to edify and deify black femme thighs, to cultivate friendships until the sunrise. So come out in your Halloween best. Your witchiest crystals, your flowy black dress. Come in your black hat and let a boo play with ya cat. We’ll have all the things you love, dancing, music, fine blitches, and booty rubs. We’ll have tarot cards read, and lots of good head, and femmes getting them legs spread. Come twerk down with the Halloween crew, cuz there’s nothing like getting Boo’d Up with you.

Who is Black Femme Brunch for? Anyone who wants to meet godly niggas to hold court with with decolletage that don’t quit. New to town? Wanna net-twerk? This is the right place to rest ya purse. Need a lap to sit on or a place to lay your head? Then we can invite you right between our legs. Poly and looking for baes to slay? Then this is your muhfuckin lucky ass day. Tell all your baes and don’t look back, Black Femme Brunch is hella black!

If you’re not “traditionally” femme, you’re a guy or a stud, you don’t fuck with gender, you’re queer, or you’re trans, that’s lit af (and you sound cute so you should def come). Femme is an open term for anyone who is in touch with their feminine energy or who celebrates femininity. If that’s you, come thru!

As always the #BlackFemmeBrunch is a space for femmes of all genders.

Not sure if you qualify? 
Answer two questions:
1. Do you self identify as black?
2. Would you consider yourself in touch with your feminine side?

If that’s a yes to both – you’re in!

This is a safe space for black queer people who are in touch with their feminine energy, transgender peeps, tomboys/girls, and androgynous folx of all (or no) gender(s). Transwomen, transmen, intersex, gender non-conforming, queer women, queer men, asexual, and same gender loving people come get this love.

If you’ve ever felt femme in your life or need a healthy dose of femme energy, come thru because we celebrate you.

The three commandments of femme brunch are: 

Ashe! And let the choir sang.

***If this space was not created for you, you will be respectfully and unapologetically ushered toward the door. We talk about whatever is on our minds during brunch and we will not have our space disrupted. If you seem a lil masculine but are in touch with your feminine side – it’s cool – come sit with us.***

2018-10-27 13:00

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