Steven B. (sax/vocals)

“Early on I realized somewhere deep in my spirit that when I sang and or played the saxophone, there was a feeling of something divine and powerful happening. A feeling I couldn’t describe or explain. All I knew was that it felt “peacefully right” and that I was meant to do this! In other words, my sense of purpose – my ultimate connection with the universe!” -SB

With a sound that could only come directly from one’s soul, Steven Bundick a/k/a Steven B. has been spreading his “musical gospel” to all with willing ears to hear. His arresting but yet creatively soft tonality as well as its haunting drive. Filling each musical moment with sincere emotional colors, his saxophone is the tool used to tell a story.

Hailing from the musically rich city of Brotherly Love Philadelphia PA, Steven B. has lived in the Washington, DC – Maryland area since 1986 His musical journey started to unfold early on in his life. After graduating from high school, Delaware State University was the next stop. Initially entering school as a music major, Steven B. changed his major concentration and received a BA degree in English Literature. During his college tenure he participated in the marching band, jazz band ensembles as well as co-lead a jazz group that included several of the college faculty members. Today, his musical arsenal not only consist of the alto saxophone, but now includes the soprano and tenor saxophones as well as the Yamaha WX-11 wind controller. And yes, he is still singing, processing a lush and beautiful voice making him a “double threat” on stage.

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